Helping WIN
Helping Women in Need with Dignity

What is Helping WIN?

Helping WIN is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation established in 2017 to help women battling poverty through emergency cash assistance.

How do you deliver emergency cash assistance?

Helping WIN awards grants to qualifying applicants referred by partner agencies. A grant is a small sum of money distributed to a vendor on behalf of a woman in need for the purpose of eliminating a temporary obstacle to her journey out of poverty.

What geographic area does Helping WIN serve?

Helping WIN serves Duval and surrounding counties in Northeast Florida.

Do other agencies in NE Florida provide similar services?

Several agencies do provide cash assistance, but these funds are often very limited and restricted to a narrow group of individuals. There is a real need for timely cash assistance, particularly for women working with smaller agencies.

Is there a limit to the amount of emergency cash assistance?

Grants can be for any amount up to $1000. Each grant request must be for a specific amount and purpose (e.g. a shortage on a utility bill or a housing deposit).

What needs qualify for a grant from Helping WIN?

Grants can be awarded in the categories of housing, utility service, transportation, employment, and education.

Can an individual receive more than one grant?

An individual may receive up to four grants in one year, not to exceed $1000 total. One additional grant may be considered after the first year under extenuating circumstances.

Can an individual apply for emergency cash assistance from Helping WIN?

No. All assistance is awarded through partner agencies. An applicant must have been engaged with the partner agency for at least 90 days. The partner agency applies for the grant on behalf of the individual.

How does an agency partner with Helping WIN?

Interested agencies should contact Helping WIN’s executive director, Gwen Gallagher-Howard, at info@HelpingWINnefl.org.

How does Helping WIN add dignity to the process?

Each grant recipient earns her grant by giving back to her community through service or training participation. One hour of service or training is required for each $100 in grant funds awarded, with a one-hour minimum.

How is Helping WIN funded?

We are funded through individual donations, corporate donations, and grants. All donations are tax-deductible.

How can I donate?

You can donate online by visiting www.HelpingWINnefl.org